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Power Speed Industrial Development Limited is a 10 years’ experienced manufacturer of outdoor sports illuminations, LED flashlights, headlamps, cycle lights, camping lamps, search lights, handhold spotlights, weapon lights, helmet lights etc. In 2018, we have launched our own and separate operation brand DARKRIPPER. Though there are only few machines while we start CNC machinery business, now we owned a 5000sqm manufacturing plant with over 30 sets CNC machines(including 4-axis and 5-axis mill machines). At the same time we own a fabrication center and invest a plastic mold tooling factory.
Power Speed Industrial Development Limited commit to comply with requirements and to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system. Our primary goal is to design and manufacture the best outdoor sports illuminations in the world. Continue to lead the LED revolution with optical technology, unsurpassed quality and leading-edge innovation defining the future of outdoor sport lightings while provide excellent customer service.

The team at Power Speed Industrial Development Limited is united in the belief that both quality and reliability are built in the products by disciplined and experienced employees. With years development, we successfully offered OEM/ODM outdoor sport lighting solutions and branding/marketing support to our clients.

Power Speed Industrial Development Limited market continues to expand at a rapid rate, as more and more customers are relying on our service and product performance. Please contact us to discover more about DARKRIPPER exemplary products and engineering service.