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Thanks for your support and trust of Darkripper, ensure you will get the best aftersales service, please well kept your warranty card and invoice, as well please read the instruction below:


1.  Warranty items and lifetime

Illumination items: 60 months since purchased

Battery chargers: 24 months since purchased

Li-ion batteries: 12 months since purchased

Other accessories: 24 months since purchased


2.  Terms

A.     Any quality problem caused under regular operation, free replacement for new or updated one(if that item stop production) within 15 days since purchase date.

B.     Free repair service offered to all them items within warranty period. You are only to responsible for the delivery charge.

C.     Limited warranty service to all items over warranty period. All the cost charged by consumers.

* Please notice available for the items sold by the authorized distributor/dealer ONLY. Any damages caused by self-disassembly, wrong operation, mis-installation and maintenance, as well dis-match accessories used ONLY under term C.


3.  Notice

A.     Please read the instruction carefully before operation.

B.     Do NOT use non-protected and questioned battery, as well do NOT mix-use different capacity/voltage batteries.

C.     Do NOT touch the flashlight immediately while long time statically lighting.

D.     Do NOT lighting towards eyes.

E.      Do keep distance from flammable items while lighting.

F.      Do NOT dis-assemble drained batteries.


4.  Daily maintenance

A.     Please keep clean and well-installed the item while long time don’t use.

B.     Always smear grease on the flashlight threads.

C.     Remove the batteries if long time don’t use the flashlight.


Thanks again for choosing Darkripper, any question please contact your local distributor or dealer, also can reach us by:


Tel: 86-755 8528 1100

Fax: 86-755 85228 2200